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Daily Hacks

Hey Friends, if you feel yourself a little Disorganized or just feeling bored of your daily life then these hacks will come handy. Check these out:

1. Trouble picking out the correct book and notebook when asked?
Just give them a color code. Simply color them like – English = Pink, Science = Blue etc.desktop-1407785254

2. Running out of storage in your drawer?
Simply stack your clothes vertically.

download (1)

3. Clean your goopy keyboard with post-it

4. Does your laptop burn your legs? Just put it on egg cartons.qpdkn

5. Looking for information about essays and biosketchs on Google, try to get more appropriate stuff.google_scholar_alerts

6. Wrote a big essay? Want to check spelling and grammatical errors?    Simply copy and paste it on Google Translate and just listen to it.unnamed

7. This one is for girls. (boys can use too) If your parents allow this. Use a vacuum cleaner to make a perfect

8. Want to know that eggs are fresh or not? Simply pour them in glass jar. If the egg sinks at the bottom means that egg is fresh and if it is floating sorry but it is not good to eat now.1c35b55e7aa23820ee6280bfeeab91f2.jpg

9. Always forget how to tie a tie just check out these different ways to do    so.simple-hacks-23.jpg

10. Take a look at people’s feet while talking to them. If their feet are pointing towards you they are taking interest in your conversation and if their feet are pointing away then they want to end the conversation.dancing-893206_1280.jpg

11. Want clean and tidy sneakers? Just wash them with baking soda, detergent and a toothbrush and see the magic.bb732760-f1c6-0132-f0d6-0ed54733f8f5.jpg

12. Want white teeth? Gently rub back of a banana peel for 2 mins. The minerals in it will absorb into your teeth and make them white.aid2432142-728px-Whiten-Your-Teeth-with-Banana-Peel-Step-3Bullet1

13. Remove egg white and yolk with this amazing yet simple hack.45-life-hacks-5.gif

In Hurry? Download this as PDF file.   Download

Find more cool stuff soon.
Stay tuned.



Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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