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Kitchen Hacks

Howdy, it’s been a long time after the daily hacks. But you know it takes time to make a topic on Kitchen especially for me. Now these are the things I’ve collected in this gap.Hope this will make your Kitchen tasks easy.

So here it is:

  1. Boiling the water before freezing gives you crystal clear ice cubes.


        And really who don’t want crystal clear ice cubes?

  1. Keep bananas fresher by separating them from the bunch and plastic wrapping their end of the bunch.bananas_lead

         I’ve tried it and guys believe me it adds 2-3 days in your banana’s life.

  1. Tired of buying expensive candles or diyas? Use orange peel to make one. Really a fully organic hack.F59I5MRGX106U2U.MEDIUM

          That’s a great hack for Diwali.

  1. Don’t know what to make with available things? Go to and enter the ingredients that you are having and it will tell what you can make with them.EP1xdpN3

          Maybe this can be included in Internet hacks.

  1. Cutting lemons and oranges this way will make easy to get juice from them.lifebuzz-05a2f5f4d1ec81d776f78a856ea2e87d-limit_2000.jpg

          Many people are doing it in a wrong way since a long time (Including me).

  1. The right way for cutting mangoes.enhanced-buzz-25797-1377979180-2

           Believe me it looks awesome.

  1. Want really sweet bananas? But all you’ve brought is a bunch of good damn green bananas. Simply bake them at 350 degree oven for 5 to 7 mins and Yeah! You have made it.Baked-Bananas-collage

           Only that lovely yellow banana color is lost.

  1. The easiest way to clean that dirty microwave. Soak a sponge in water and let it merry-go-round on your turn table for a minute.microwave864-300x198

          This loosens all that dirty heck inside your microwave and now you can clean                     easily.

          This hack also kills 99% germs and bacteria from your sponge.

  1. Prevent those over boiling of milk and water by placing a wooden spoon on top of the pan.IMG_0075.jpg

          Wood is not a good conductor of heat and that’s the reason why this hack works.

  1. Make literally cool coffee cubes. Yes you read it right COFFEE CUBES. By placing your coffee inside those ice cube

          Who said it can be used on water only? You can add sugar and milk to it also.

  1. Make your herbs last long by placing them in ice cube tray before freezing.Mint-Ice-Cubes_PS_2.jpg

          And this can also be used for beautifying your drinks.

          Use the #1 hack for a crystal clear cube.

  1. Place a cup of water when reheating your pizzas to prevent that yuck chewiness.d592c500ba7ca12708e278bf39256e76

           It really works.

  1. Want to know your eggs are still eatable or not? Place them in a bowl of cold water if the egg sinks to the bottom then it’s still good to eat but if the egg floats sorry but he is dead.dc5aea80a2546fa6fe7b50f83045ad84

           I know I have repeated it from Daily Hacks but isn’t it’s lovely?

  1. Separate egg white and yolks with ease. Use this way:l-231.png

           Isn’t it’s great enough to be repeated a million times?

  1. Use this hack to cut cherry tomatoes like a pro.How to cut tomatoes - GIF on Imgur.gif

          All you need is cherry tomatoes, a sharp knife and two plates.

  1. This hack will add some more space for bowls in your microwave. Just do it like this:npv46aptbmlytx5pgh3w.jpg

  2. Use a straw to pick out the core of a strawberry.tumblr_md8or8UUWi1qcwm33o1_400.jpg Maybe that is why they are called “STRAWBERRY”.


So these are the hacks which will make your kitchen tasks easy. Especially for moms and rookies and even for pros.

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  1. This is a great post! I just posted a list of kitchen tips, tricks and hacks that has done wonders for me and those I’ve passed it along to. I’d love it if you checked it out! I have tips and hacks for anything from baking to measuring to cooking to storage. If it’s kitchen related I’ve got it on there haha!


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