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Brain Hacks

Hey Friends back with another post.This might be my last post for august.You know its hard for a 13-year-old blogger to blog during exams.You know what I meant to say.Don’t worry this post will give you advantage in your daily life.Here it goes:

  1. Ask People for a favour144158-145685.jpg

    This is called Benjamin-Franklin-Effect and it really works.Ask the ones for favour that hate you and soon they will think good about you.

  2. Feet phenomenafoot-direction.jpg

    When you are arriving to a person quickly peek at their feet. If their feet are pointing towards you then go on buddy! and if they are pointing away from you then its better to end the conversation.

  3. Stop a catchy songcatchy-tune.jpg

    Heard a very catchy song? Want to stop your mind from playing it again and again? Just try to remember the ending lyrics or music and that annoying song will get lost.

  4. Show Interest

    Maybe not this fast.

    Show interest in a person’s chat by nodding your head.This makes them think that you are paying attention in their chat even if you don’t give a damn heck.

  5. Making them even angrier
    This hack can be devastating.

    Want to make the angry one even more angrier on you? Just stay calm and don’t say a single word.This will surely burn them up.(Who really wants this?)

  6. Studying Hardgroup-discussion.151207.jpg

    When study anything try to learn it till you can explain it to your friend.

  7. Chewing Gum

    My fav!!!

    I have used this hack in Daily hacks, Confidence hacks, Study hacks and you already know what it does. Whenever you are heading towards a situation that will make you nervous try having a chewing gum.This makes our freak brain think that it is not in  danger.

  8. Waking up EarlyMorningStretch.jpg

    Feeling sleepy after waking up? Try shouting after you have waked up.Say “YEAH WORLD I’M BACK.”

  9. Getting a good answerdownload (1)

    When you ask someone a question and they just give you a very short or just a couple of word of answer. Just look in their eyes and stay silent they will surely speak up.

  10. Dominant Hand Shake244xNxdominant-handshake.jpg.pagespeed.ic._tr7zraAcI.jpg

    Doing Handshake like the above one will make you dominant or people will think that you are superior than them.Try holding the person’s hand for a second longer.

  11. Remembering People’s Namecolorful-names.png

    Having trouble remembering people’s name? Repeat the person’s name the first time you converse with them like “Hi my name is Amaan” “Nice to meet you Amaan. So, Amaan how do you know Adnan?” And continue to repeat his name throughout the conversation.

  12. Fake it till you make it.fake-it.jpg

    You are what you think about are.If you think you are confident, confident you will be.If you think you are smart, smart you will be.So next time just “Fake it till you make it.

  13. Showing Excitement268379-Child-showing-joy-praise-triumph-excitement-vertical-Stock-Photo.jpg

    Every time you meet a person show that you are excited to meet them and next time they too will be excited to meet you.Just remember Hack #12.

  14. Solving an argumentsmiling-boy-and-girl-standing-beside-each-other.jpg

    Whenever you have an argument with somebody try to stand beside them instead of standing in front.They will think that you are a friend and they will cool down.

  15. Foot-in-the-door (FITD)

    Do it like the orange one in second strip.

    This theory says “When asking a person for a small request and they complete it then they are more likely to accept a second or bigger one.” Example in the image above. Read more about it here

  16. Door-in-the-face (DITF)

    Do it like this kid.

    .It is just opposite of FITD and it says “Ask a big request to someone and they will surely deny it but ask a short one next time and they will surely accept it.” Example in the image above. Read more about it here.

  17. For health conscious7.-symvouli-1.jpg

    When on a diet try having your meal in a large plate than in a small one.This makes your brain think that your are taking more than you want and you feel full before you actually are.

Hope you like this.

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Stay energized and hack life.



Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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