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Creativity Hacks

Hey Allies I’m back with another enthralling post.In this post I’m gonna show you some hacks to increase your creativity.Here you go:

Let me first tell you what creativity is:

CREATIVITY-the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.(source-google)

For me creativity is to create something that anyone never thought of without actually caring what it is.Something like this.
Enter a caption

It’s not mine but doesn’t it sets perfect for creativity?




  • Be YouFinal-BE-YOU1

Never try to copy anyone’s style be you.Maybe you’ve heard it an online shopping portal.

  • Get around creative peoplecreative_people_1024x600_thumb1

    Don’t know who is creative,well..persons like musicians,painters and who could be more creative than small children.Get around them.You can learn many things around them like how to be careless,how to do a thing different from the league etc.

  • Startstarting-line.jpg

    Don’t think what to do,where to start,how to do just Start it buddy!!!

  • Try something new30-days-new-habit-e1395019973446

    Try something new everyday.Try something you’ve never done like reading a novel,singing in a different language etc.

  • RelaxPowerNap

    To do something creative you have to take rest first.Just jump into your bed and take a Power Nap

  • Read an inspirational book just before sleepingtop100books_1_mockingbird

    Studies show that memory works best when something is learned shortly before sleep.Our brains fills the new ideas and info before sleeping and work on it in dreams.

  • Get Inspirationhqdefault

    Try to find the beauty for your work in this world and then extract it from other things you will possibly get what you are looking for.

  • Exercise

    Do like this cat.

    Research shows that our mind is more creative when we do something strenuous.So just do a little bit of warm up before you do anything.

  • TravelGlobal-travel.jpg

    Travelling is always a good thing to do when you want to learn new things and this leads to creativity.

  • Be recklesslogo.png

    Don’t think what will happen.What can happen except you will do it wrong this doesn’t matter for someone creative and it is the reason they create something out of the box.

  • Work when you are least alertgiphy.gif

    Try to work in your least alert hours.This state is somewhat same when you are drunk and your brain is less focused on a thing this leads to some really wonderful ideas or just sleep.

  • Be Curiouscurious-george-movie-780967.jpg

    Keep asking yourself what,why and when and get answer of these question you will probably end up getting complete info on your topic.

  • Exercise your Eyesanimation

    This may sound crazy but Researchers have found that when we move our eyes from right to left our brain hemispheres try to work connectively and ultimately creatively.

  • At last, Don’t think you are not creativecreativity-bottle-1030x956-2279.jpg

    Many people lose all their creativity and productiveness by thinking that creativity is a God-Gifted matter and they don’t have it. Take a look at this post Here.

     So these are some hacks that will surely make you more creative.

    Hope this helped.

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See you later.



Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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