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Fashion Hacks

Hey there! Quiet a long time.Well you know I’m a busy guy but anything for you guys.So here are some hacks to make you fashion and clothing better than before:

  1. Find pants will fit or notjeans1-610x441.jpg

    Determine if the pants would fit or not by the length of your forearm just like the above one.

  2. Remove gums for clothesaid1717367-728px-Remove-Chewing-Gum-from-Jeans-Step-2-Version-4.jpg

    Remove gums from your clothes by ice.Its simple just freeze the gum and then you can pull it out.

  3. De-pill your clothesremoving_fabric_pills_fancy5.jpg

    De-pill your old clothes or just 2 days old by a disposable razor like the above one.

  4. Collar straightenerdownload.jpg

    Well there’s not any product called Collar straightener but everything is possible in hacking.You can use hair straightener to do it.

  5. Stretch your Shoes10-How-to-stretch-your-shoes-31-Clothing-Tips-Every-Girl-Should-Know-stretch-shoes.jpg

    Bought a shoe and found it’s too skinny for your feet? No worry put a bag of water in the shoes and put them in freezer for a night.This will stretch them.

  6. Remove Oil stainsremove-oil-stains-from-clothes.jpg

    Got those stubborn oil stains?Remove them with talcum powder.

  7. Pull the thread back1406313416-pull.gif

    Do you really need an explanation for this? Just do it like the above one.

  8. Determine if shirt would fit or not

    fullsizerenderJust sit down on a chair and notice that the buttons are pulling or not if they are pulling then try another and if they aren’t then it will surely fit.

  9. Remove wrinkles from your shirt


    Remove wrinkles from your clothes.Add 2-3 ice cubes and put your shirt or shirts in the dryer and see the magic.

  10. De-shrink clothesunshrink-rayon-6.jpg

    Soak your clothes in hot water with hair conditioner for 5 mins and then stretch it . It will get back to its original size

  11. Get Matching Shoes


    Always match your shoes with your belt it is the right way to do it.

  12. What does that symbol means?Clothing-Care-Labels-Symbols-21-e1443133753467.png

    Look above its there.The right way to laundry,clean and iron your clothes.

  13. The Right way of wearing a coat

    Always unbutton coat when sitting.

  14. The right way to fold the sleevesroll.jpg

    This pic says everything.Even I don’t know that there are many ways to fold the sleeves.

  15. Scarf Hacks

    A scraf can be a fashion statement in any dress.Above are some ways to do so.

  16. Pack your shirt in 5 sec!

    This is a must known hack for travelling and for everyday packing.

  17. Pack your whole suit in a sock!

    Packing clothes can be a massacre for everyone.Well not now you can pack your whole suit in just a sock see the video above.

Thanks for all the views,visits,likes,comments and follows.

Special Thanks to my Ma’am and Friends for suggesting this.

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Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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