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Android Easter Eggs

Hey Amigos! In this post I’ll give you some secret, confidential, unrevealed, untold, unknown games in Android. Some of you might already know these but those who don’t here you go:

Version Games

Android is having a special game in Jellybean, Kit Kat, Lollipop and in its latest release Marshmallow. It’s not something like Asphalt 8 or Clash of Clans but it can be a stress reliever and time-passer as I say it.


  • Go to the Setting of your phone.
  • Scroll to the last and click on About Phone.
  • Now click on the Android Version repeatedly.
  • Now you’ll see something like this :
  • Tap and hold the animation and your game will begin.

Jellybean – Here’s what you got.

You have to swipe away the jellybeans off your screen.

Kit Kat – It will show something like this.

You have to tap the biggest same color tiles to clear your screen again.

Lollipop – Cool! you are now having this game.

You have to pass the Android from the hanging lollipops without touching them.

It is something same as Flappy Bird.

Marshmallow – You’ll have something like this.marshmallow-easter-egg.jpg

It’s same as the Lollipop game only graphics are change.

And now you’re having Marshmallows instead of Lollipops.

Chrome Game

Not having any WiFi or data don’t worry. Open your chrome and search something. You’ll be having something like

Click that Dinosaur and the game starts.

T-Rex Runner.

Avoid the obstacles that come in the path of Dinosaur by tapping on it. This is my favorite game and hope you’ll like it too.

So that’s it. This is enough for today but stay tuned 10 Fashion hacks are coming soon.

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