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Things To Do Online

Hey amigos this post is inspired by the DONG videos made by Vsauce3.It will give you some awesome stuff you can Do.Online.Now.Guys.So lets get started:

Games :

  • Starbreak header.jpg– This game is some what like Contra. I bet you’ll never get bored with it. (atleast I think so) . You are a space soldier in it pick, kill and win. Starbreak


  • Zombies Took My Daughterzombies-took-my-daughter-icon-1.jpg – As the name says the game is about a dad whose daughter is kidnapped by zombies. You must bring her back to the ferry. Its a pretty interesting game and also it doesn’t take hours to complete it.I’ve completed it in 13 mins. Zombies Took My Daughter


  • I of IT the-i-of-it.png– In this game you are I. Literally you are the letter I in this game. Shrink, Stretch and do anything a letter I can do to keep moving. I of IT


  • You Find Yourself in A Roommaxresdefault.jpg – Its pretty clear by its name.You are in a room but its not a graphical one. You have to type command.It will hear to them and you have to pick your next move. Believe me its a very complicated game.(at least for me).You Find Yourself in A Room


  • Whack Rebecca rebecca-whack-its-friday.jpg– This is a unique game. You have to shoot rebecca in the air to pick up points and to beat her. Shoot her and do everything to kill her. The game ends whe she gets run over by a car. Whack Rebecca


  • Draw a Stickmandrawastickmanepic.png – This is a very creative piece.You have to draw a stickman and it works as a character for the game.You can even build your own epic in it. Draw a Stickman



  • Jack the Fabric ripper spZjyJC.png– Want to get the feeling of ripping a fabric? Then you must do it. Its an online stimulator that is amazingly real. Jack the Fabric ripper


  • Theories of EveythingTheories-of-Everything-Mapped-1200x500.jpg – Want to learn about the theories of everything? This special site gives you all the info you need to be a SCIENTIST!!! (Just joking:).Its pretty amazing to see how everything is interrelated to each other.


  • Billion Birthday BILLION seconds.PNG– This is a amazing website. You can know how many seconds old you are. That’s true you can amaze your friends by telling how many seconds old you are. I’m 440,966,439 seconds old by the time I wrote this. AMAZING!!! Billion Birthday


  • Sleep Time2217b833ceca607e3fe7f77d05fd8f81.jpg – This website is amazing. You have to enter the time you want to wake up and it will give you the time at which you should sleep. It also shows you the time you should wake up when you sleep now. Sleep Time


  • Account Killer Account-Killer.png– This website gives you the steps to delete your account from almost every web service. Account Killer


  • 10 Minute Mailimages.jpg – This site comes handy when you have to create a account on a web service but you don’t want to mess your email. It gives you a temporary mail for 10 mins.You can also increase the time if you want.The best part is that it auto destruct after the time limit.


  • Flip Text flip-text.gif– This site can make any text flip. The most important website if you want to send a secret email to someone :). ʇxǝʇ dıןɟ

Hope you’ve liked it.

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Want more stuff like this? Write what you want in the comments and I’ll make a post on it.



Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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