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Etiquette Hacks

Hey Amigos hope your’re enjoying this festive season. Something we all need in front of our parents and relatives is none other than Etiquette.It helps to look more professional and elegant even if you are like this

Bruno Mars.

Here you go:

Going in

  • If you are going to your friend’s house take a gift with you. Nothing is better than a chilled beer. So here are the different beers.kunNmwn-600x400.png


  • Take small portions of food and chew with close mouth.
    point 1.jpg
    Well, I’ve just given you two points but you can understand the rest.


  • Speak only when you have swallowed your food. Otherwise you’ll be like.women-in-restaurant-looking-at-man-laughing-with-food-in-mouth-200070027-001.jpgBelieve me people never like this thing.
  • Put your cutlery this way. It looks good and most importantly elegant.IMG-20161031-WA0008.jpg
  • Take your fork in your left hand and knife in your right hand.6.jpg
  • Putting your knife and spoon in different positions have different meaning even if you are at home.c5b7411ea6b44a064cefd35b1f1d4609.jpg
  • Put napkin on your lap while eating. Even if you drop food, your pants won’t be dirty.820ecae4e0b4a54c41150bb4de5069e5.jpg

Dress Code

  • Casual – For Him – Wear a simple tee and jeans or cargos and sneakers. Don’t wear a very graphical tee. A simple one will rock.20b57c5565c63df4db92a17638fbd302.jpg

For Her – Wear a simple top or tee and your favorite pair of jeans. Dark colored jeans look better and don’t forget your heels. Wear sneakers in outdoor as heels might slip.howtowearawhitetshirt15.jpg

Smart Casual – For Him – Wear a sport coat and denims. Your khakis will rock too. Loafers will add a charm to it.5a257d0c2c620b1db88fd59b80d0ee9d.jpg

For Her – Slacks, Jeans or khakis will be good. A collared shirt or a top for charm pss! putting a coat will be awesome.0d6ce03952f63711d5721255bdef80c5.jpg

Formal – For Him – Wear a tuxedo and your leather shoes. If you don’t know how many types of leather shoes then this will help. And a simple black bow or tie will be good.4891502ea53d67f019031d7a0f1c2ebf

We Are One Direction.

For Her – Wear a full length dress and your heels. Jewelery will rock the look. Don’t just stick to black. Other colors also look good.

And still women says they don’t have anything to wear.

Semi Formal – For Him – Wear a black suit with a funky tie. Semi formal men.jpg

For Her – You can wear your little black dress. But don’t wear a too short dress.

The best attire a man or woman can have is CONFIDENCE.

Going home

  • There’s nothing too much to write here. Just an elegant way to leave a cab.

    Next time remember to do it like this.

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Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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