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Hacks For Teens

Hey friends! I’m back with another awesome post that will definitely feed your brain.2 of November did you remember that day ? Did you remember what’s so unique about that day? It’s my BIRTHDAY!!! and now I’m

5120 days, 4 hours, 24 minutes and 0 seconds

Lets get on the topic. In this post I’ll give you some hacks for the problems only a teenager understands.

Teenage is a tough stage of life. isn’t it? So these hacks will surely help you. Here you go:

  1. Crayon Candle1crayon-candle.jpg – If you forgot candles for camping try a crayon it will burn for 30 mins.
  2. Study Music670px-use-music-as-a-study-tool-step-1.jpg – If want to listen music while studying. Try some game or movie soundtracks. They are developed in a way to keep you focused without any distractions and this also works in studying.
  3. Get rid of Pimple painful-pimple-and-acne.jpg– You can get rid of a pimple by simply applying pimple on it.
  4. Blah Therapy 05e8e7bdbdc6c20da7666c44910dd29e_400x400.png– If you want to talk to a complete stranger from anywhere. It is completely random. I meet Jana from Egypt.
  5. 21 Days21-Days-to-form-a-habit.png – Our brain develops a habit in 21 days and you can also quit it in 21 days. So next time try to do a good thing for 21 days and eventually it will become a habit of yours.
  6.  Balloon Phone case Balloon-iPhone-Casing-2.gif– Want a new phone case everyday? This will help. Just do it as shown in the gif.
  7. No ads1.png – When playing games on your phone on the airplane mode and annoying ads will not appear.
  8. Free books books.jpg– Want free books. These websites will give you almost every book for free. Text Book Nova, ManyBooks, 2020OK, Bookfi.
  9. MathwayMaths-JEE-Preparation.png – This website gives solution to your every maths problem. Most importantly it gives you every solution step-be-step. Mathway
  10. Temporary TattooSwooping-Swallows-temporary-tattoos.jpg – 1.Draw a tattoo with sharpie or any permanent marker. 2.Rub baby powder on it. 3.Cover in hair spray. Tattoo will last a month.
  11. Brain Freezebrainfreeze.jpg – If you ever got a brain freeze touch your tongue on the roof of your mouth. It will cure it.
  12. Pen trick life-hack-red-pen-blue-ink-1200x847.jpg– Put your blue refills in your red pens and your red refills in your blue pens. No one steals a red pen.
  13. Mosquito Biteistock_000009570069_small_1.jpg – Got a mosquito bite. Put a hot spoon on it.It will stop the itching.
  14. Applying Perfume ea782dc2b4fcc9d559d6308a0a3ba345.jpg– This one is for girls. Best places of your body to apply perfume.
  15. Smelly Shoesdownload (1).jpg – Put used tea bags in your smelly shoes for a night. They will smell fresh next morning.
  16. Hiccups!hec.gif – Put fingers in your ears when you get hiccups. Your hiccups will be gone. Average hiccups last for 5-10 secs so don’t worry.
  17. Sleep 1280x1280.jpg– Having troubles falling asleep? Try Calmsound.

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Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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