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10 Winter Hacks

Hey everyone I’m back with another good post. Winters arrived here in India and I thought I should make a post on Winter Hacks. So here are the top 10 hacks for winters:

  1. Waterproof Shoes 14-Genius-Life-Hacks-That-Need-To-Know-About-7906-5.jpg Use beeswax or simply a candle and a blow dryer to make your canvas shoes waterproof. Video here –
  2. Extra Warmersenhanced-buzz-496-1383330443-10.jpg Cut out woolen insoles for your shoes from old rugged mats or your woolen sweaters for extra warmth.
  3. Toothbrush for lipsHow-to-Exfoliate-Chapped-Lips.jpgAfter brushing your teeth use toothbrush to clear out the dead skin from your lips.
  4. Park Eastpark-towards-east.jpgPark your car facing east side. The sun will melt the snow of your windshield in the morning if only it rises 🙂
  5. Floor Mat93c6fafcfc1098fea8a9cc6f7ab09b8b.jpg Car stuck in the snow? Use your Car’s floor mat to increase friction.
  6. Socks to cover your windshield wipers images.jpg It sounds funny but it really works. Putting socks on wipers prevent them from sticking to wind shield.
  7. Orange Peelsorange-peel-supplier.jpg Use dried orange peels to start the fire.
  8. Clean lint

    Use razor or duct tape to clean lint from your hoodies and sweaters.

  9. DIY Felt Slippers creative-felt-slippers-fUse your old felt to make these simple yet beautiful slippers.
  10. Freeze your sweaterstop sweaters from shedding.jpg Sweater sheds? Try freezing them in fridge overnight before wearing.

Hope you liked it. I’m making a new post on winter fashion hacks. So please visit again after 4 days to check it out. Thanks for Reading.




Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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