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10 Fashion Hacks For Winters

Hey Amigos I’m pretty sure you’ll love this post.As you know Winters are the best time to show off your fashion sense so these hacks will save your bucks and here you go:

  1. Fix Sweater Snag –
    This hack saves your time in knitting your sweater.

  2. Restore Shirt’s original sizeunshrink-shirt.jpg – Put your shirt in an iced water bowl with hair conditioner for 30 mins and stretch it. It will be restore to its original size.
  3. Six ways to rock in a scarf for men518cca19d5de2750b34fc9ee9c1160fd.jpg – This infograph shows you 6 different ways to rock your scarf.
  4. 3 ways to De-fuzz your sweaterd426b43b2ac0837810c43e443c958932.jpg – Do you really need an explanation for this?
  5. Fix your Stuck Zipper36e9b72e287f2f0efd470c836b43f059.jpg – Fix your stuck zipper by rubbing graphite pencil on its teeth.
  6. Fix scratches on your leather goods9efe74e7c51a74412a48958fcd4f2c7f.jpg – Use a bit of moisturizer to fix scratches on your leather goods.
  7. How to tuck your non-skinny jeans in bootstuck-non-skinny-jeans-into-boots.jpg – Just do it like the above infograph says.
  8. 3 ways to tie your scarf for women4e495a1f02078fc8f46a97687b826206.jpg – Rock in your scarf this winter.
  9. The right way to hang your sweater8474cbed52be363b280cec6c13996cda.jpg – Even I’m doing this wrong for so long but now its alright.
  10. Use old sweater sleeve to make a sock look-a-like for your boots2c88c6d9584225f7b61c057427e9da97.jpgCut your old sweater sleeve to make it.

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Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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