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18 Christmas Hacks

Its the most beautiful time of the year,

Lights fill the street spreading so much cheer.

Hey Friends Merry Christmas in Advance. I think its the right time to prepare for Christmas. Preparations for Christmas can be very hard but this time it won’t. Here you go friends 18 hacks coming on your way:


  1. Christmas Tree Napkin218416a622d6b722bd9f978d4d6a9de9.jpg – Its the best napkin fold for Christmas and its too simple to make.

  2. Christmas Candle Jar
     It looks magical and its pretty simple to make too.
  3. Pumpkin Snowman 5-pumpkin-snowmen.jpg–  Use your leftover Halloween pumpkins to make this beautiful snowman.
  4. Christmas tree table decor7e2527a6e0c2c6f03821666d703a6657.jpg – Make this simple Christmas tree decor for your desk by the help of the above pic.
  5. Make Christmas tree look fullergrid-cell-10279-1386950181-13.jpg – Use shiny green tinsel to give your Christmas tree more volume.


  1. Edible Chocolate Bowls 95df787a1868e078caa30a8f00639fd8.jpg 
    Check this video for tutorial.
  2. Bake Cookies in Muffin traymddccc-pan.jpg – Bake your cookies in muffin tray for more fluffier, softer cookies and they will never spill out.
  3. Cookie holder457dc181d7b9841bdc7d22fcee6f9861.jpg – Make this simple cookie holder using a serving plate.
  4. Make your coffee cups cozymugcloseup.jpg – Use your old sock to make this cozy coffee cup. You can also make a beer bottle cozy by using it. But remember “the sock must be clean”. Tutorial
  5. Prevent your Ice-cream from getting too hardice-cream-in-a-ziplock-bag – Use ziplock bags to store your ice-creams. It won’t be hard as a rock.
  6. Snowman Pizzaenhanced-buzz-20395-1354228682-15.jpg – Use 3 pizzas to make this lovely snowman pizza.
  7. Snowman Cookiesenhanced-buzz-1224-1386877199-2.jpg – Make these cute little snowman cookies for this Christmas.
  8. Wine Pairing00d2b8d079a9e48be634c6f27caf9311.jpg – Well now you know.

Some more:

  1. Make your house smell like Christmas800f1b05e081009e8c2c0708acc5fb66.jpg – Use this simple hack to make your home smell heavenly.
  2. Make your shovel non-stickyab9a0499f542673419bdea40fd16e265_hacks10.jpg – Spray non-stick cooking spray on your shovel to make it non-sticky so that the snow will get off from it easily.
  3. Wrap Christmas lights on a hangerenhanced-buzz-15308-1386884826-0.jpg – Wrap Christmas lights on a hanger to keep them from getting tangled.
  4. Chips packet for gift wrappingenhanced-32391-1417474461-1 (1).png – Turn chips packet inside out to use it for gift wrapping.
  5. Santa’s Footprint6124dee561be63d24dec1d9a3a79d2c1.jpg – Just do it like mentioned in the above pic.

At Last:

An infograph for some facts about Christmas.1f69469fd982b79b911194b598721b8f.jpg

Hope you’ve liked this post. Took 3 hours to make this post friends. Please like, share and comment as much.






Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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