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DIYs from Waste

Hey everyone back with another post. As the name suggest its going to give you some amazing crafts and DIYs that you can make from waste. So here we go:

  1. Make this cute lil owl from old coke bottle.plastic-bottle-owl-upcycle-tutorial-550x413

    Tutorial Video – 

  2. What about these cute feet? It can be used in garden as a decor.Leave-only-Footprints-by-Iain-Blake-best-out-of-waste-682x483.jpg You just need some stones and pebbles and booyah! You made it.
  3. Bharatanatyam doll from glue bottle. My fav! 770817bc5775968687243846c2c14143Tutorial.
  4. Who can resist this cute lil fellow?44a4a92fc99ab3bc965ea7f7ed539696.jpgTutorial.
  5. Holder for charging cell phone.IMG_1349-670x446.jpg Tutorial.
  6. Lovely pen holders from mason jar.jars-with-hearts.jpgTutorial.
  7. Make these pretty simple biodegradable mini-planters.fsj7e0khrh0xpa0-mediumTutorial.
  8. Make these bags from your old denims.
  9. Make this beautiful bowl from buttons.
  10. Simply adorable isn’t it?creative-ideas-diy-wall-art-from-old-cds  Tutorial.

So I think these are enough for today. Want more? Have a look at this blog. Its just Amazing and worth following. Kelleysdiy

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