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Money Saving Hacks

Hey friends back with another post. Its been so long since I posted the last post. 18 hefty days! So lets get on the topic. Ever wondered how you can save some bucks on your everyday things? This post will surely help. Here you go:

  1. Need some free WiFi?be037194287a98670c867c76820ba3a4.jpg

    The best place to go are McDonalds, Apple Store, Cafes or your nearest Office depot.

  2. Try to buy a car at the end of the Because the salesperson have quotas to meet each month and at the last time of the month you’re more likely to get a deal.
  3. Carpool with friends to work.
    Ohk…No carpool is as cool as James Corden’s but still its fun with friends:)

    This can save a big amount on fuel and its friendly with environment.

  4. Read E-books instead books.ebooks.png Almost every book is available in PDF format and here’s a link to a collection of books – Collection.
  5. Thinking about buying something?main-qimg-f83a1fd84c18bb3b1133fc02641c0150-c.jpg Imagine the item in your one hand and money on the other. Now which one is more important that item or money?
  6. On Shit you can affordr5Qo1HH.png you can buy cool things for almost no money.
  7. Never go for shopping when you’re You’ll end up buying useless things.
  8. Paint your house’s roof white in summers.50af7fe32cd22f11fafc347d0a6f4397.jpg It absorbs less heat than usual black roof and hence you can save money on energy bills.
  9. Delete cache every time you visit an airline site. Here’s why –227745.jpg
  10. Drink more water.6469de2a7af53b33be0b3956cc6e2ca9.jpg Sometimes our brain gives us a false feeling of hunger just because of dehydration and hence you can save many bucks on food.
  11. Lower your energy bills.9-f9eb140a0ddb8153a06c804c3b9d5044.jpg
  12. And at last some wise words from successful people.f1f2f3f4

So thats all the folks buddies.

P.S. Post will take longer than usual because my Annual Exams are going on. So you have to cope, and yup no nope and keep hope. ( that just rhymed!!! )

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Hey, this is Amaan from Increadible India. I'm 14 year-old-boy with lot of Positivity, Hope and with a different perspective towards life. I believe and follow my intuition and heart.

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