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The Trick to get what you want. Yup! you read it right.

It’s been a month since last post and I’ve been busy in studies as usual yet the marks aren’t that well :P. Well never mind. So as you already read the title this trick is 100% real and I’ve tried it too with success. I got this from the book – The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph MurphyThis book is one of the best I’ve read so far and yes I READ BOOKS. So let’s get to the trick:

To start with, this trick is quite simple. You just have to do this little thing and you can get anything. I’ve got what I wanted by it so at least it worked for me. It’s a pretty straightforward thing – You just have to…Barack-Obama-Believe1

Yes Mr. Obama you got it right. So let’s look at some real life examples of this trick:

There are many examples of the working of this trick and you can get benefit from it too. Here’s the trick:

You have to repeat to yourself what you want. Simple isn’t it? For instance – If you want to have a good health (who doesn’t want) repeat to yourself that I’m getting better everyday and my body is becoming healthy. You can get everything from it. As Joseph Murphy said – “Our Subconscious Mind is an abundant treasure of infinite wisdom, health and riches.” 

We know what’s the trick, now let’s have a look at a technique to make this trick even more effective:

It’s called The Baudoin Technique.

Charles Baudoin was a professor at Rousseau Institute of France. He discovered that the best way to impress our subconscious mind is to enter in a drowsy, sleepy state. The best time is when your eye lids weight more than a truck and you just want to get in a cozy corner of your bed or when you just woke up and want another 5 minutes of sleep. I meant that those times are the best to repeat to yourself what you want like a lullaby.

Let’s know some basic things to do this trick:

  • The thing you want must be extremely important to you or make it that important by thinking and repeating it to yourself.
  • Be patient. This trick takes time and sometimes a month or two so be patient.
  • Focus. You must be focused on the thing you want. Cogitate on it alone and by alone I meant just think about it and nothing else.
  • Caution – Our subconscious mind cannot differ between a good thought and a bad thought. It’ll just take the thing as it is so be cautious when you want something.

Tip – Don’t think just reciting that thing will make it possible. You have to work for it buddy!

P.S. – I highly recommend you to read this book. You will definitely gain something from it.

That’s all for now folks! Thanks for putting your eyes on the screen to read this post πŸ™‚

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