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Effective Learning Techniques

Heya! Been a week or two since I last posted. So the thing is lately I’ve found that my learning technique isn’t that effective.I mean why this TISSUE isn’t getting in my brain. So I researched a bit about different learning techniques and here are some that might help you:

  • Feynman Technique: Feynman was a great physicist known for his great way of

    teaching anything in a simple way. No wonder using this technique that Tissue chapter is a piece of cake for me now. To learn anything through this technique follow these steps:

    • Write down all the things you know about what you’re learning.
    • Read stuff about it and add more points to your notebook about it.
    • Keep reading and adding more points to it.
    • Try to make a flow chart of everything you learnt.
    • Pretend that you’re teaching the stuff you learned to a kiddo.
    • If you get stuck somewhere get back to the books.
    • Go through all the notes you took and try to make it simple.
    • At last, keep teaching your imaginary student until everything is a cakewalk for you.
    • Here’s a video for knowing it better –
  • Pomodoro Technique – This Evergreen technique is simple as a tomato. You just have to follow these steps:
    • Set a timer for 25 minutes.
    • Put your all in those 25 minutes.
    • Take a break for 5 minutes.
    • Repeat

    Studies have shown that learning for hefty 5-6 hours only lowers your reasoning and memory so you better study in chunks buddy! This will explain it further –

  • Ping Pong Technique – This trick comes handy when you have to study for a test. You need to follow these steps:
    • Start with a hard thing.
    • If you get stuck try a simple thing.
    • While you’ll be doing that simple thing your brain will still be thinking about that hard thing without letting you know.
    • Once you’ll try to solve the easy thing your brain will find connections between the hard one and the simple one.
    • When you get back to that hard one now it won’t be that hard.

To know this technique better watch this video –

  • Chunking Technique – As the name tells, you have to break down your problem in a simple way. Follow these steps:
    • Take a problem that’s bothering you.
    • Break it down into multiple parts. For an instance, if you have to learn about French Revolution than instead of gulping everything at once break it down like – What happened?, When it happened?, Why it happened? and Aftermaths of it.

This video helps for better understanding of it –

And at last, some tips for even effective study:

  • Keep distractions out.
  • Focus on one task a time.
  • Never ever try to pull out an all-nighter. It’s of no good as science says.
  • Practice is better than just flicking the pages of your books.
  • And at last, try the Power of your Subconscious Mind. Head on to my last post for knowing what it is. The trick to get what you want.

Thanks for keeping your eyes on this 540 worded post of mine 🙂

And yeah! Do follow the Sprouts on Youtube. They help me every time.

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