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See you soon

Hey everyone I’m busy in studies right now but I will surely bring another awesome post to you in a couple of days. So till then have fun with my other posts. See you soon, Baboon 😊

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Things I Do


Curious : eager to learn something new.
Hey amigos today I’m telling you about the things that I do every day and because my friends say I’m very curious (sometimes scientist)…(Long story will tell you later)..I will tell you what I do everyday and its pretty cool (but sometimes its a usual boring routine).So lets begin without wasting time: Continue reading “Things I Do”

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Bye ! for a while.

Hey friends this post isn’t about any hack or crack.I just want to say that now I will post after my exams and hope you will understand.But don’t worry 1 of oct is coming soon and I will post aroud 3 post on 2 oct.So bye for a while.



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Who Am I ?

A noble man once said “It might be my last post for August” and yeah… I know that fool is me.And you know how scary exams can be but nevertheless I think that this is the right time to tell you some facts about me.So here you go :

  1. I am a 13-year-old blogger and I think I am the only one in my school.But exceptions are always there.
  2. I am living in Bijnor,U.P. in India.

    Continue reading “Who Am I ?”