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Effective Learning Techniques

Heya! Been a week or two since I last posted. So the thing is lately I’ve found that my learning technique isn’t that effective.I mean why this TISSUE isn’t getting in my brain. So I researched a bit about different learning techniques and here are some that might help you:

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The Trick to get what you want. Yup! you read it right.

It’s been a month since last post and I’ve been busy in studies as usual yet the marks aren’t that well :P. Well never mind. So as you already read the title this trick is 100% real and I’ve tried it too with success. I got this from the book – The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph MurphyThis book is one of the best I’ve read so far and yes I READ BOOKS. So let’s get to the trick:

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Hacks For Teens

Hey friends! I’m back with another awesome post that will definitely feed your brain.2 of November did you remember that day ? Did you remember what’s so unique about that day? It’s my BIRTHDAY!!! and now I’m

5120 days, 4 hours, 24 minutes and 0 seconds

Lets get on the topic. In this post I’ll give you some hacks for the problems only a teenager understands.

Teenage is a tough stage of life. isn’t it? So these hacks will surely help you. Here you go:

  1. Crayon Candle1crayon-candle.jpg – If you forgot candles for camping try a crayon it will burn for 30 mins. Continue reading “Hacks For Teens”
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Creativity Hacks

Hey Allies I’m back with another enthralling post.In this post I’m gonna show you some hacks to increase your creativity.Here you go:

Let me first tell you what creativity is:

CREATIVITY-the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.(source-google)

For me creativity is to create something that anyone never thought of without actually caring what it is.Something like this.
Enter a caption

It’s not mine but doesn’t it sets perfect for creativity?


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Brain Hacks

Hey Friends back with another post.This might be my last post for august.You know its hard for a 13-year-old blogger to blog during exams.You know what I meant to say.Don’t worry this post will give you advantage in your daily life.Here it goes:

  1. Ask People for a favour144158-145685.jpg

    This is called Benjamin-Franklin-Effect and it really works.Ask the ones for favour that hate you and soon they will think good about you.

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