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How to Speak up effectively in front of freaking! people

Heya! folks. It’s been a month since I last posted any stuff while just leave it for a while. So, Ever felt those butterflies in your tummy? Yup! I’m talking about the great, the immortal, the freaking scary STAGE FRIGHT. :horror music: But…don’t worry I’ve been through it and I’ve got these simple yet effective hacks to nail your next stage speech. So, here you go: Continue reading “How to Speak up effectively in front of freaking! people”

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10 Skills to learn this summer break

Hey chaps! I’ve been away for a while I think. A hefty 45 days pheww! So lets get on the topic. It’s summer break and you’ll never want to waste away a whole month in watching T.V. and doing… NOTHING. So here are 10 awesome skills you should learn (and by the way who doesn’t like a bit of show-off ;). Here you go:

  1. Ambidexterity193564-004-29BAAB2C.jpg – This is the most important thing I’m doing this summer break. Just imagine you have a huge amount of notes to write and your dominant hand is screaming to you “Please forgive me! I can’t do it anymore” but you have to complete your notes. So here comes your non-dominant hand to help you ta-da! This video might help you to become ambidextrous –Become ambidextrous 

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