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Hacks For Teens

Hey friends! I’m back with another awesome post that will definitely feed your brain.2 of November did you remember that day ? Did you remember what’s so unique about that day? It’s my BIRTHDAY!!! and now I’m

5120 days, 4 hours, 24 minutes and 0 seconds

Lets get on the topic. In this post I’ll give you some hacks for the problems only a teenager understands.

Teenage is a tough stage of life. isn’t it? So these hacks will surely help you. Here you go:

  1. Crayon Candle1crayon-candle.jpg – If you forgot candles for camping try a crayon it will burn for 30 mins. Continue reading “Hacks For Teens”
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Etiquette Hacks

Hey Amigos hope your’re enjoying this festive season. Something we all need in front of our parents and relatives is none other thanĀ Etiquette.It helps to look more professional and elegant even if you are like this

Bruno Mars.

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Things To Do Online

Hey amigos this post is inspired by the DONG videos made by Vsauce3.It will give you some awesome stuff you can Do.Online.Now.Guys.So lets get started:

Games :

  • Starbreak header.jpg– This game is some what like Contra. I bet you’ll never get bored with it. (atleast I think so) . You are a space soldier in it pick, kill and win. Starbreak

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Android Easter Eggs

Hey Amigos! In this post I’ll give you some secret, confidential, unrevealed, untold, unknown games in Android. Some of you might already know these but those who don’t here you go:

Version Games

Android is having a special game in Jellybean, Kit Kat, Lollipop and in its latest release Marshmallow. It’s not something like Asphalt 8 or Clash of Clans but it can be a stress reliever and time-passer as I say it. Continue reading “Android Easter Eggs”

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Things I Do


Curious : eager to learn something new.
Hey amigos today I’m telling you about the things that I do every day and because my friends say I’m very curious (sometimes scientist)…(Long story will tell you later)..I will tell you what I do everyday and its pretty cool (but sometimes its a usual boring routine).So lets begin without wasting time: Continue reading “Things I Do”

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Hack A Day

It’s been a long day without you my friend,

and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.

Hey friends finally exams are over(phewww!!!) and I’m back with an awesome post.This post is going to be different.In my earlier posts I’ve given you some hacks for fashion,brain etc. but in this one I’m giving you a complete tutorial for hacking from waking up to returning to the bed.Here you go:


  • Shout right after you wake up.giphy

It might sound crazy but when you wake up like this I bet you’ll never feel sleepy.(Exceptions are always there)

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Bye ! for a while.

Hey friends this post isn’t about any hack or crack.I just want to say that now I will post after my exams and hope you will understand.But don’t worry 1 of oct is coming soon and I will post aroud 3 post on 2 oct.So bye for a while.



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Fashion Hacks

Hey there! Quiet a long time.Well you know I’m a busy guy but anything for you guys.So here are some hacks to make you fashion and clothing better than before:

  1. Find pants will fit or notjeans1-610x441.jpg

    Determine if the pants would fit or not by the length of your forearm just like the above one.

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Creativity Hacks

Hey Allies I’m back with another enthralling post.In this post I’m gonna show you some hacks to increase your creativity.Here you go:

Let me first tell you what creativity is:

CREATIVITY-the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.(source-google)

For me creativity is to create something that anyone never thought of without actually caring what it is.Something like this.
Enter a caption

It’s not mine but doesn’t it sets perfect for creativity?


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Who Am I ?

A noble man once said “It might be my last post for August” and yeah… I know that fool is me.And you know how scary exams can be but nevertheless I think that this is the right time to tell you some facts about me.So here you go :

  1. I am a 13-year-old blogger and I think I am the only one in my school.But exceptions are always there.
  2. I am living in Bijnor,U.P. in India.

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